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Our Economy 2023

Our Economy is an annual event which showcases the latest data, evidence and analysis relating to the North East. 

Executive summary

Each year, Our Economy brings together attendees from the North East community, with a mix of policy makers, business representatives and education providers. As well as an overarching update, Our Economy also focuses on a particular theme. For 2023 this is inclusive productivity.

Why inclusive productivity?

Inclusive productivity combines two of the key challenges facing the North East, closing the productivity gap with the national average, and creating an inclusive economy where the benefits of economic growth are felt by everyone who lives, works, studies and visits our region.

There is a growing body of thought and research which links inclusive growth with improving productivity, but they still tend to be considered independently. This Our Economy event can begin to tie these threads together while promoting evidence based policymaking in the North East.

Our research

In support of our ambitions, we have partnered with Ortus Economic Research and Kada Research to look for lessons on inclusive productivity from similar regions around the world. 

In addition, we have analysed a range of economic and social indicators to understand the current position of the North East across both productivity and inclusivity. We were supported in this by Dr Arpita Bhattacharjee of Northumbria University who helped us identify key data sources to focus on. 

Finally we are also publishing the results of a research project into the number of exporters in the region, where we partnered with Glass AI to identify businesses in the region with exporting signals.

Our Economy 2023

Progress and challenges

A summary of the core economic circumstances in the North East during a time of uncertainty and change

Key indicator tables

Showing the North East LEP's progress against our key metrics

Previous editions

Browse copies of our previous editions of Our Economy

Inclusive productivity supplement

Theories of inclusive productivity

Read about why productivity and inclusivity are key to a well-functioning regional economy and how they support one another

Inclusive productivity in the North East

Read about the particular challenges the North East faces in relation to productivity and inclusivity

International case studies

Read about how regions similar to the North East globally have balanced the needs of productivity and inclusivity 

Further data

AI generated exporters data

Explore our database of exporters and importers in the region generated using Artificial Intelligence 

Our Economy 2023 : The main event

Download the presentations from our expert speakers at Our Economy 2023

Interested in Our Economy?

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