The North East Evidence Hub

What is the North East Evidence Hub? 

The North East Evidence Hub brings together up-to-date, robust and insightful data and intelligence about the North East regional economy onto a single digital platform. 

It's about our region, for the region. 

Who developed the platform? 

The Evidence Hub was orginanlly developed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP). The North East LEP was the public body responsible for the delivery of the strategic economic plan between 2014 and 2024. As part of that the North East LEP had responsibility for providing and enhancing the region’s economic evidence base and to make that evidence available to the wider region in an accessible way, and therefore developed the North East Evidence Hub with partners to assist that objective. 

The North East LEP has now become part of the new North East combined authority, the combined authority established to deliver the devolution agreement for the North East. The Evidence Hub has been transferred to the North East Combined Authority as part of the transition.

Making data and research more accessible is also fundamental to the purpose of the platform. We’re doing this by progressively collating and analysing key regional data in one place and we’ve created an online environment where publications can be easily accessed, as we know research and reports can often be difficult to track down.  

Who is the North East Evidence Hub for? 

The platform has been built to be accessible and as user-friendly as possible, and therefore anyone can access the information on this site. The Hub is one-stop-shop for residents, businesses, education establishments, researchers, advisors and policy and decision makers. We continue to build the breadth and depth of data and evidence relating to the economic growth of our region.

How can I get involved?

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